Reebok One Series Camo W Aj0685 Training Pants

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Reebok ONE Series Camo W AJ0685 training pants Camouflage in a luxurious version. Is it even possible? Since we've created these incredibly functional leggings for you, that's right. We started with the highest quality camo fabric. We finished with flat seams and wide cuffs providing the highest comfort. Features: fitted – fitted cut wraps the body, without slowing you down during intense exercise SpeedWick technology absorbs sweat from the skin surface, providing a comfortable sense of dryness flat seams ensure a fit without the risk of abrasion reinforced welts guarantee elasticity of movements and a perfect fit to your slender calves the camo overprint on the entire surface reflects your approach to training Reebok graphic on the back of the calf shows that you are not afraid of anything material: 80% polyamide 20% elastane Colour: Blue ΓΥΝΑΙΚΕΙΑ > Ρούχα > Φόρμες & Σόρτς Reebok





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