Adidas Messi 15.2 FG/AG S74688

125.00 45.90


In the set of his skills are strong long shots, thundering shots in the penalty area and magical dribbling. Messi is unstoppable – present always and everywhere, leaving their opponents in silent admiration. Appearing on the court, he changed the face of football that will never be like before. Messi is one of those rare players who can do anything and use their skills every minute of every match. These mens football boots were originally designed for those who approach the game like he did. MessiTOUCH surface X-ray allows for a deadly enemy contact with the ball, and the upper blocking foot cage with a visible messiFRAME and congestion in the configuration messiGAMBETRAX guarantee victory on both natural and artificial surfaces. Soft and lightweight synthetic upper; particularly soft front part of the shoe made of skin-like texture with a convex, which increases adhesion and allows you to feel the ball perfectly. Comfortable and the locking foot in the uppers synthetic covering. the German company produces shoes and sportswear, established in 1924. Dassler brothers. Makes its debut at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. footwear providing both the German and American national team. In 1948. the company was split into two companies Adidas and Puma. The name "Adidas" comes from the diminutive of the name "Adi" and the first three letters of the name "Das" founder – Adolf Dassler. Since 1972 is a trademark of clover symbolizes the combination of three continents and the spirit of the Olympic Games. As a stand-alone logo are also three bars refer to strengthen the shoe with three narrow leather straps. Today, Adidas has become one of the largest manufacturers of footwear, apparel and sports accessories worldwide. ΑΝΔΡΙΚΑ > Παπούτσια > Παπούτσια Αθλητικά > Ποδοσφαιρικά Adidas

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